2) Since the late 1950's, the United States has been one fo the strongest  industrial nations in the world. The United States is a technology and innovation global leader. More innovative technologies and  products  have been developed and produced in the US than any other country in  the world. In the mid 1990's, the internet or world wide web allowed the world to connect technologies and globalize manufacturing.

1) A career in manufacturing is one of the most sustainable careers. Over a 20 year period of time, careers in manufacturing have shown to have the highest year-over-year income growth with the lowest level of layoffs and lost jobs. In fact, today's manufacturing plants have instituted robots and automation to fill the skills gap produced by fewer young adults considering manufacturing careers.

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Do You have the time and the funds to get through a four-year degree program at a university? Do you have the committed to the requirements, time, and effort your four-year degree will demand? Then look into university studies that can help you obtain engineering degrees.

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How far Joe will go for jobs

Let's address those myths and for once put those myths in the garbage were they belong

3) Over the past 6 decades, manufacturing in the US has become one of the safest places to work. Clean technology, machines of high technology, and well maintained plants. Most manufacturing plants today are safer and cleaner than your local fast food restaurant,

Technical schools focus on all skills required to fullfil manufacturing careers. HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, Maintenance, Machine Programming, and much more. These schools are structured to get you involved directly with all skills required to fullfil specific trades.

Metalworking Manufacturing

Everything around us in made in some form of a manufacturing plant

There are very few items in today's world that do not require some form of a manufacturing system to produce it. Look around you - cell phones, cars, planes, appliances, medical products, etc. - all start in a manufacturing plant somewhere.

Whether it is machine operation, machine maintenance, machine programming, our manufacturing enginnering, Manufacturing Careers Inc. is commitment to helping you link to the proper sources that will help you obtain the skills required or the fullfil the job opening if you already have the skills for a manufacturing career.



Chemical Processing

Chemical processing fuels the world

Today, everything has to be processed in some form or another. Foods, Chemicals, Liquids, etc. all require some type of processing system. These types of manufacturing careers require a specific set of skills.

US Manufacturing Opens 2017 with a Production Boom

Job training programs on the rise for changing manufacturing jobs

Making Manufacturing Great Again Will Require A Two-Pronged Approach

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Community Colleges


Manufacturing Careers Inc. started in 2010 when it became clear that the United States had lost an entire generation of youth adults with the potential for sustainable careers in manufacturing. There is a myth that manufacturing careers are risky careers and prone to layoffs and plant closures. There is also a myth that most manufacturing jobs have left the United States for other "low cost, low paying" countries. There is also an additional myth that manufacturing careers are using in dark, dirt, and dangerous plants.

Manufacturing Corporations

Parents and Students

We encourage parents and students to consider all of the educational opportunities available to them. As baby boomers retire, U.S. manufacturing will need more engineers of all types in manufacturing, design, bio-medical, aerospace, etc. In addition, we need to replace the baby boomers who are retiring as computer numerical control (CNC) machinists, computer-aided designers (CAD), quality control and production technicians.
Engineering degrees require a Bachelor’s Degree from an Engineering School. Manufacturing production careers require an Associate Degree. Students can find terrific advanced manufacturing technology degree programs at many community colleges. AMT works locally with The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers (NCATC) member schools which can be found in most major cities, and can set up an internship with a local manufacturing company.
Through our education partnerships with NCATC schools and other four-year engineering colleges and universities around the country, we are working to funnel the best candidates to U.S. manufacturing through MTCareers to connect students to internships while they are still in school and to jobs with employers when they are at or near graduation.
Where should I begin?

Read the Manufacturing Mandate
Visit an engineering school
Research an NCATC member school or other community colleges
Post your resume for an internship or a career on MTCareers to join our industry

HR Managers
AMT has compiled a quick-reference guide for HR Managers to correlate educational pathways with industry-supported credentials or degrees. This tool also includes average annual compensation levels for many of the job functions in manufacturing that are in the highest demand today. 

Continuing Education / Certification

TheCertified Manufacturing Technology Sales Engineer (CMTSE) Program is the only nationally recognized program that acknowledges individuals who possess the skills and knowledge needed to perform effectively as machine tool sales engineers. Find out more about the CMTSE Program. 

AMT has partnered with ToolingU, the leading e-Learning content provider in the manufacturing industry to deliver specific tracks of training to our member companies: Additive Manufacturing, Technology Fundamental and Quality. Find out more about MTUniversity.

The Manufacturing Technology Sales Fundamentals (MTSF) Workshop is designed for sales people who have been recently hired into the industry or who are migrating from an application engineering or service technician position into sales. Find out mroe about Sales Workshops. 

Rep. Dold on Manufacturing and Jobs Expo - Recognizes Manufacturing Careers Inc and our website.

​8 Reasons US Manufacturing is Great

Explore a Career in U.S. Manufacturing

The U.S. manufacturing industry is one of the most exciting, innovative and vibrant places for graduates in Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Technology programs to begin and build a career. The industry is growing and employers are seeking bright, talented young people who are studying STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math).

American Manufacturing: How Important is “American Made”

Luke's Toy Factory brings local manufacturing back with made in USA, 3D printed toy trucks

Technology Schools

Manufacturing Careers inc. Job Placement

Manufacturing corporations are the backbone of the US Economy. Manufacturing Carerers Inc. will connect you with corporations seeks skilled workers for open positions

Community Colleges are the "stepping stone" to are a great way to obtain the skills you will need to succedthe education needed for manufacturing trades skills. Whether a certific program our Associatres Degree, Community Colleges are a great way to obtain the education you will need to succeed.